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Guitar Lessons

If you're searching for the best guitar lessons in Santa Cruz, look no further! 

Whether you're just beginning guitar, an eternal beginner determined to do it for real this time, or an advanced player looking to level up, Music To You can help you achieve your musical goals.  We offer lessons in:



  • Rock Guitar

  • Blues Guitar

  • Country Guitar

  • Classical Guitar

  • Metal Guitar

  • Shred Guitar

  • Jazz Guitar


It's no secret that when you are skilled in something, you get more joy out of it. Music To You will help you unlock the mysteries of the fretboard in an exciting and engaging way. From the first lesson, we will help you latch onto the concepts, ideas, and techniques that excite you. What makes Music To You unique?


  • Guitar lessons through Music To You involve quantifiable practice goals. Much like the belt system in martial arts, our method ensures constant progress without spinning your wheels.

  • Music To You provides video of every new concept. Watch it in detail at your own pace.

  • We come to you! Learn guitar in the comfort of your home.

  • Music To You provides multimedia such as customized jam tracks, songs at custom speeds, tablature, standard notation, strumming patterns, fretboard diagrams and more!




Shannon L.

Scotts Valley, CA

Colin is a FANTASTIC teacher!! He has been teaching me and my 10 year old son for about a year now. My son just played Pipeline in his school talent show and rocked it. I highly recommend Colin he inspires you and builds confidence quickly and he himself is a very talented musician!!

Wyatt H.

Santa Cruz, CA

Colin is an amazing musician, but an even more amazing person, teacher, and mentor.
I've have learned so much about music and performance from him, as well as a great deal about recording and composition too. He's helped me so much in both my understanding of music and how to play!  We've worked both in person and also over Skype, and both experiences are incredibly worthwhile.


Pat M.

Aptos, CA

Colin Gailey is by far one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, talented and kind hearted musicians I have ever known and worked with. Having him as an instructor is a gift to any and all! I HIGHLY recommend Music To You!

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